Pin 4 – Skinny Pop

So I ran across Skinny Pop online and pinned it right away as something I wanted to try. The next day I went to Costco and guess what was there…a giant bag of Skinny Pop for 4.99! Check it out….

It has no trans fat, no preservatives, dairy free, gluten free, peanut free, cholesterol free, low calorie, non gmo, and all natural!

A serving size is 3 1/2  CUPS! I ate 2 cups and thought it was enough….but nice to know I could have more!  The popcorn nice and fresh, a hint of salt, and not greasy at all. Definitely recommended.


2 responses to “Pin 4 – Skinny Pop

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  2. love skinny pop. buy it at Costco also. they had discontinued it but brought it back, i buy 2 bags a week. its a snack for my ride home. i cant stop eating it.

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