Pin 5 & 6 – How to Peel a Kiwi & Kiwi Pops

Yes, that’s right….2 pins in 1 post! 🙂  By the way, my post yesterday was perfect timing…apparently yesterday was National Popcorn Day (although I just searched and others are saying it was the 19th, oh well.)

So pin 5 is How to Peel a Kiwi this was really neat and I’d never thought of peeling a kiwi like this.  It comes from Jaden Hair over at Steamy Kitchen.  Basically all you do is cut off the ends of the kiwi and slide a spoon between the fruit and skin.

Fruit! I decided to do some bananas also…I love chocolate covered frozen bananas.

Cut the ends off the kiwi.

Slide the spoon between the fruit and skin.


On to pin 6 Kiwi Pops.  This pin comes from Cathy at ShowFood Chef.  I’m always looking for something sweet after dinner that is somewhat healthy; this seemed perfect!

Fruit is all cut up and ready.

Insert popsicle sticks. Tip: just go to the kiwi’s center, if you try to go past that it will pierce through.

Stick the fruit in the freezer and in the mean time melt your chocolate.  I forgot to add coconut oil to the mixture but it still came out alright.  I used a 60% cacao dark chocolate.

 “Double Boiler” 🙂

I came up with this contraption because the chocolate didn’t harden right away (perhaps from not having the coconut oil or maybe they weren’t frozen enough).

All done!

I ended up putting the kiwis in the fridge, they really don’t need to be frozen.  I will definitely be doing this again, but I decided next time I’m just going to dip half of the kiwi’s in chocolate and forgo the popsicle sticks.  Much easier!


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