Pins 9,10,11 – Super Bowl Goodies!

Hope everyone who watched the Super Bowl enjoyed it.  While Kevin was finishing up his midterm, I snuck into the kitchen and made him some yummy goodies to enjoy during the game.

Pin 9 – Smores Cookie Bars

This pin comes from The Couponess.  Pretty easy recipe…the only thing I had trouble with is that it said you needed 8 chocolate bars, but I couldn’t squeeze 8 in!  Also, I think I figured out from looking at the original picture just now that instead of plain graham cracker crumbs on the top layer it should be the graham cracker mixture.

Pretty simple ingredient list

I love the way butter and sugar looks all whipped up…doesn’t taste too shabby either! lol.

Try not to eat all of this.

Tried to fit as much chocolate as I could without layering.


Pin 10 – Jalapeno Poppers

This pin is from Lisa Leake over at 100 Days of Real Food.  I’ve always wanted to try something like this…can’t beat a spicy, creamy, bacony combo!  They came out really nice.

Very few ingredients! I had some peach preserves in the basement so I added it for a nice sweet component.

Seed the jalapenos…my least favorite part.

Add cream cheese.

Add peach preserves.

Wrap with bacon!

So good!

Pin 11 – Pineapple Cheese Ball

A Super Bowl party wouldn’t be complete without a cheese ball! I usually make a cheeseball of green onions, cream cheese, and chipped beef.  This recipe is similar but I thought the added sweetness of the pineapple and the crunch of the nuts would be nice.  The pin comes from Chef-in-Training.  Super simple and super yummy!

Green onions, ham, cream cheese, and some powdered sugar.

That’s it!

So did your team win? I don’t really care for either team, but I rooted for the Giants.


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