Pin 2 – Motivational Marbles

Good Morning!  I still cannot believe how much rain we had last night….you’d think after months and months of rain I wouldn’t be surprised anymore.  Kevin went to check the basement before we went to sleep and glanced outside in the back yard….it had started to flood!! Luckily this morning all the standing water is gone.

Today’s pin Motivational Marbles comes from the blog of Hot Mess Princess who got it from Pinterest!!! This could go on and on….:)

I decided I wasn’t going to buy any marbles and I had 2 tall cylinder vases from our wedding reception sitting in a box.  A friend of mine said she used baby food jars and pennies.  Of course! I have lots of pennies.  So I got my pennies and put them in the vases….wow….didn’t look like much.  I needed something smaller so it actually looked like there was something in the vases, was I going to have to go buy marbles to be happy?  No, I told myself, you can find something in this house! So back to the basement I went in search of something when all of my canning supplies caught my eye! Here is what I came up with:

In case you’re wondering…currently there are 124 pennies in the pounds lost and 32 in the pounds to go!